Performance, Comfort and Fashion without compromises
The multi-sectorial approach proposed by ADDFactor will help a cultural exchange among
orthopaedic and clinical aspects of foot, stressed conditions of dynamic sport actions, and necessity to join aesthetics and functional features in fashion goods.
ADDFactor: ADvanced Digital technologies and virtual engineering for mini-Factories


The consortium is restricted to the most representative candidates with the best knowledge and capacity to develop the research and benchmarks to measure the progress in favour of the sector.

Consumer goods

About 200 million Europeans suffer of problems related to feet, while foot disorders represent a social problem for about 35% of the population. One of the main cause is the use and/or abuse of inadequate footwear.


The industry is also active part involved in such a development flow, as well as in monitoring, testing and evaluation of the results from the implementation side based on their market and worldwide knowledge.