greymerGreymer is a globally-known Italian premium fashion brand, with a great experience in the production of high range women’s shoes and luxury bags and accessories.

Greymer was founded by Luciano Alessandri in 1980, in San Mauro Pascoli (Italy) – the famous Italian luxury district. As of the end of the nineties, thanks to the addition of new talented designers, targeted marketing strategies, and considerable overall investments, Greymer has progressively progressed into becoming a benchmark luxury fashion brand.

Greymer directly distribute their products in Italy to more than 150 selected boutiques. As to Greymer’s export business, the company currently sell – either directly or indirectly – their products to more than 200 shops abroad, located in countries / geographical areas like Russia, Far East, North Europe, USA, Asia, Kuwait, UAE, to name but a few. As part of the company’s distribution network strategies, Greymer launched their first flagship store in Ekaterinburg – Russia – in September 2011.