IBVIBV is a Spanish cross-sectoral RTO founded in 1976 focused in the study, analysis and assessment of human-product interaction in the fields of ergonomics, physiology, comfort and usability.

The areas of activity of the IBV are medical, sports and occupational biomechanics, with the objective of assessing small and medium enterprises in products and services innovation.

IBV is integrated by a multi-discipline team formed by mechanical, biomechanical and movement science engineers, surgeons, physical therapist, etc. Activities in the field of clothing, footwear and other consumer products with a high interaction with the human body aim at applying biomechanics in the study, testing and development of innovative products and solutions.
This includes working in different fields of knowledge: the study of human performance and body morphometry and its application to the design of the footwear to improve comfort and fitting, as well as thermal and mechanical comfort and simulation, pressure distribution on the body and foot, shock absorption analysis, antislip footwear, body movement analysis.