michelottiOrtopedia Michelotti is an italian S.r.l. small company that produces customized orthopedic products such as shoes, lower limb and foot orthotics, corsets and prosthetics.

The company was founded in 1916, and it operates through 12 different locations, of which 2 are placed in Lucca, Tuscany. Ortopedia Michelotti counts 35 workers, of which 25 are direct employees.

The staff is characterized by clinical experts, orthopedic technicians and shop assistants who work in different divisions: Podiatry Center, Postural & Orthopedic Laboratory, Disable Center and Commercial Shops Network. Particualrly, the first one is a specific area, focused exclusively on the study of foot problems, which is equipped with the most advanced systems for the detection of dynamic and static foot acquisitions.

The center is characterized by the presence of highly specialized physician podiatrist and medical experts who provide the diagnostic reading of data collected in order to integrate them with the morphological and biomechanical requirements of patients and users. The Postural & Orthopedic Laboratory is dedicated to biometric and postural analyses through advanced technologies able to identify and evaluate dysfunctional postures.

Whereas Orthopedic doctors cooperate with the laboratory in order to manage and elaborate the diagnostic phase, Orthopedic technicians design and produce customized products for all the different locations of the company.