peacocksPeacocks Medical Group (PEA) is a well established orthotic company delivering orthotic services across the UK.

The company is over 100 years old and is privately owned employing 130 staff. It operates from its head office and manufacturing base at Newcastle upon Tyne.

Whilst manufacturing for a number of National Health Services and other orthotic companies across the UK, Peacocks delivers its service via regional hubs in the North East of England, Scotland, South Coast and South West. These service deliveries are well integrated with the National Health Service and the Orthotists involved provide assessment, design, prescription, fitting, supply and review of the orthosis whilst liaising closely with the central manufacturing to ensure correct interpretation of prescriptions.

The Orthotists and Podiatrists also work closely with referrers which may be Medical staff such as Orthopaedic Consultants or Allied Health Professionals. We have 160 FTE employees with 5 R&D staff.