pfiPFI was founded in 1956 in Pirmasens, Germany and is a highly developed, non-profit research institute with a wide range of research output. The RTD activities of the institute are application-oriented. Originally established as a highly specialized research institute for shoe production, PFI has become, in over 55 years of existence, a research center with a large and complex spectrum of expertise in several research areas.

The research in the domain of shoe production remains an essential pillar in long-term development strategy of PFI. Further strategic activities of PFI are:

  • RTD in biotechnology;
  • services and support in process design for enterprises;
  • certification;
  • chemical analysis;
  • microbiology;
  • education, training and RTD results dissemination in Pirmasens technical college.

PFI is research centre member of European Footwear Products and Processes Technology Platform (Footwear P&P ETP).