Project concept

ADDFactor project aims at developing an innovative customised shoe manufacturing framework based on the creation of small-local-agile manufacturing units – mini-factories – enabling the distribution at local (mini-factory@retailer) and district scale (mini-factory@area) of technologically advanced fabrication operations. Customization of the shoe is addressed considering functional, bio-medical and safety-wellness related aspects (prevent injuries restoring optimal motion); so as to guarantee comfortable, performing, safe and healthy products for different applications (e.g. orthopedic, sport and leisure, fashion) and different consumers.

Such a framework will include the development and exploitation of new digital tools, industrial technologies for customer data acquisition and elaboration as well as for customised footwear products/components manufacturing to provide instant realization and personalisation services locally (i.e. in retail environments or close to retails such as an utilization site at district level).