RS Scan

rsscanRSscan International has been operating since 1998 in Olen, Belgium, where the footscan® products are developed, produced and distributed all over the World.
Passionate about his sport, long distance runner Jean Pierre Wilssens founded in 1980 the company Runners Service in Beveren, Belgium.
Runners Service’s mission is to provide the best services in the field of shoes and sports wear for the high profile runner.
To improve services and shoe recommendation, Jean Pierre Wilssens started with gait analysis of the runner by use of a treadmill and a video camera to reduce injuries. The need for a high speed pressure measuring device, to quantify the complex movement of the foot, rose. In 1984 Jempi build his first pressure measurement system to predict injuries. The idea of the footscan® was born.In 1994 Jean Pierre Wilssens teamed up with Intersoft Electronics n.v., a company working in the field of time measurements since 1983, to produce footscan on a lager scale. This cooperation resulted in the founding of RSscan International. Since 1998, RSscan International is specialized in developing, designing, producing, commercializing, providing training and support for footscan® pressure measurement systems all over the world.
RSscan International offers the customer affordable, professional solutions for highly accuratedynamic pressure measurements in various configurations, with the best specifications to obtain an accurate result, combined with the clearest and easiest user interface. Through the years, RSscan International has provided professionals in the world of sports and biomechanics with state of the art pressure measuring equipment for highly accurate gait analysis resulting in a worldwide acceptance as one of the most accurate pressure measuring systems in its field.