synesisSYNESIS is a private-public Consortium whose main shareholders are private Italian and German SMEs, and whose public shareholders are Italian and German RTD Institutions, namely the National Research Council of Italy and the German Fraunhofer Gesellschaft. The mission of Synesis is the development and technology transfer of innovative technologies for manufacturing industry. Major specific enabling technologies addressed by SYNESIS are:

  • innovative operating machines and production cells, adaptive control and automation systems;
  • factory integration from machines (CNCs) and shop floor (PLCs and SCADA), up to design (CAD-CAM), planning (MES-PDM) and management (SCM-ERP) departments;
  • ICT solutions for collaborative real time networked enterprises along the value chain from designer to supplier, to producer, to vendor, to consumer;
  • design, production and supply chain solutions for the mass customization paradigm;
  • tools for the development, automation and optimization of energy efficient and sustainable production systems.