vibramVibram® was founded in 1936 when, after a tragic mountaineering accident, founder Vitale Bramani decided to utilise rubber to sole his boots. He instantly recognised that this represented a formidable alternative to the inefficient materials being used for mountaineering boots at that time.

The first Vibram® sole was launched on the market the following year, with the financial backing of Leopoldo Pirelli. This revolution enabled the company to achieve rapid worldwide recognition for quality, price and safety

.The Vibram® head office is based in Albizzate, Northern Italy, but other production and distribution facilities are situated throughout the world: Vibram® has offices in North America (Vibram USA) and in Japan as well as factories in China. It has a partnership with Quabaug Corporation, which is specialized in specific North American markets connected with work, military, hunting and fishing, and Vibram Brazil, for the South American market. This organisational structure has enabled Vibram® to become the world’s leading producer of rubber soles. Vibram® makes products for a vast range of sectors, including the Outdoors, the fashion industry and shoe repairs, for a total volume of 32 million sole/year. Each day 100,000 pairs of soles are produced for at least 150 different models.

Vibram® designers and technical staff are totally committed to the realisation of new models which meet the needs of the widest possible range of customer requirements, even the most demanding.